Rural Mutual Insurance Releases Rooted in Farm Safety Series

Madison-based Rural Mutual Insurance Company partnered with the Midwest Farm Report and the Fabulous Farm Babe to present a video safety series through October called “Rooted in Farm Safety”. Each week a new video will be released focusing on how you can be safer on a farm.

Agriculture ranks among the most hazardous industries. Farmers are at very high risk for fatal and nonfatal injuries.  Farming is one of the few industries in which family members (who often share the work and live on the premises) are also at risk for fatal and nonfatal injuries. As reported by Marshfield Clinic, we know that about one in five farms will be the site of an injury in Wisconsin in 2022, and 80% of those people injured will need medical care.

Rural Mutual has been protecting farms across the state since 1934. Rural Mutual also believes in protecting the families and children in their farming communities. This three-part video series focuses on Stress, Fatigue, and Kids on the Farm. These topics easily fall to the wayside during the busiest farming seasons like planting and harvesting. It is important to Rural Mutual that these topics stay top of mind because most of these injuries can be prevented.   

To reduce the chance of injury on the farm, make sure the environment is as safe as possible. Learn more about Rural Mutual’s safety initiatives by watching their Rooted in Farm Safety Series, reading their farm safety articles, and visiting the websites of Rural’s safety partners.