Congratulations to Middleton High School on being presented with the Girls Tennis Sportsmanship Award!

We believe there’s something more important than just winning or losing a tournament. We believe that the team, school, and fans who support their athletes with dignity and class are the true champions. That’s why we’ve proudly sponsored the WIAA/Rural Mutual Insurance Sportsmanship Award for 56 years. 

We would like to congratulate Middleton High School on being this year’s recipient of the Girls Tennis Sportsmanship award. 

When talking with Head Coach, Matt Given, we asked him what this award meant to him as a coach, the team and community along with how they teach their athletes about sportsmanship. 

As a coach, I always stress to the girls that my job is to develop them into better young ladies, not just tennis players. Hearing that our girls won this award, is something that really hits home for me. I am very proud of them and the way that they carry themselves both on and off the court.

Sportsmanship is something that you have full control over, and we stress that to our girls on a daily basis. As a team, we are very happy knowing that our play was not the only thing being noticed on the court and that people saw the way we carried ourselves.

The Middleton athletic department strives on good sportsmanship and it is something that is communicated from our Athletic Director on down. It is not always about the result, but more the experience.

It is not something that a coach can teach, but more show. I cannot expect it of my players, unless I behave the way I expect them to. I was very blessed to be given a group of amazing girls who are not only great tennis players, but incredible young ladies.

Coach Given wrapped up his first season as Middleton Tennis Head Coach. His favorite part of coaching is developing young people into better human beings. There is not a better feeling than hearing from a former athlete who says you made an impact on them in ways they could not believe.

He went on to comment that; “This award is one that my girls and myself are very proud of, but more importantly it is just my girls showing who they truly are as young ladies.”

Congratulation again on a great season and winning the WIAA/Rural Mutual Sportsmanship award. This is a great achievement for the Middleton community.