McFarland Soccer Coach says winning the Sportmanship Award means “We’re putting a priority on the right things!”

We believe there’s something more important than just winning or losing a tournament. We believe that the team, school, and fans who support their athletes with dignity and class are the true champions. That’s why we’ve proudly sponsored the WIAA/Rural Mutual Insurance Sportsmanship Award for more than 50 years.

We would like to congratulate the McFarland team on being this year’s recipient of the Boys Soccer Sportsmanship award. This is the second time McFarland is the recipient of the WIAA/Rural Mutual Insurance Sportsmanship Award. They previously won the award for girls’ soccer.

“This award reinforces the idea that we’re putting a priority on the right things”

When talking with Head Coach, Brett Ogorzalek, we asked him what this award meant to him as a coach, the team and community along with how they teach their athletes about sportsmanship.

As a coach, first of all, this is an unbelievable honor for us. Our coaches are so proud of our entire staff, managers, and players.

This award reinforces the idea that we’re putting a priority on the right things. It validates what we’re doing as coaches and encourages us to keep moving in that direction.

As a team, we feel like our players have demonstrated the highest levels of sportsmanship and have shown an unbelievable level of class both on and off the soccer field. We stress respect towards game officials, opposing teams, fans, and coaches … and our players have responded with great maturity and class.

As a community, it’s nice to be recognized for this sportsmanship award because the people of McFarland take great pride in the character and integrity of our youth. Our schools are top notch and our athletics can be competitive without losing perspective on what’s most important.

Sportsmanship is important because one of our main goals is to instill character in our high school athletes. Our coaches’ model that character and attitude and we set high expectations for our players. Our coaching staff does our best to create a culture of respect and integrity … and we teach the athletes how to handle adversity with class.

This is Coach Ogorzalek 10th year coaching at McFarland and his 6th year as the Head Varsity Soccer Coach. His favorite part about coaching is developing relationships with the players and seeing them grow as players and as young men. He commentedthat “It’s incredibly rewarding to watch your players prosper as students, athletes, and as leaders in the community.”

Congratulations again on a great season and a great achievement for the McFarland community.

Rural Mutual Insurance has been a sponsor of the WIAA Sportsmanship Award since it was started in 1965. The Sportsmanship Award recognizes the entire community for their conduct and appreciation for good sportsmanship – not just the athletes and coaches – but their fans and community and how they present themselves at state tournament events.

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