Helpful Moving Tips and Tricks

Whether you are moving into a houseapartment or condo, moving can be a labor intensive and stressful process as you make the transition to your new home. Making a plan to be prepared for the moving day can help the process go smoothly.  

Easy Packing and Moving Tips 

1. Get a Moving Quote

When evaluating your belongings, you may decide you can handle the move on your own with help from family or friends or you might need to call in the professionals. If you decide to use a moving company, it’s recommended to a quote from 3 different companies to compare pricing. If you are moving on your own but need to rent a U-Haul or moving truck, it’s also recommended to check multiple rental companies for the best price. If you have flexibility in your move, check for mid-week or mid-month dates as rates tend to be cheaper than on the weekend or end of the month.  

2. Gather Packing Supplies

Gather all your packing supplies ahead of time so you maximize packing efficiency – Markers, packing tape, boxes, bubble wrap, newspaper, furniture bags, etc. Make the most of supplies you already have on hand that can be used for packing storage such as saved boxes, plastic totes, suitcases and baskets.  

3. Properly Label Boxes 

As you’re packing, label boxes by room and what is inside. This makes it easy for whomever is unloading the moving truck to know what room to place the box in right away. It is also convenient for you to know what is inside to prioritize unpacking or if it’s going to basement storage for a while it is easily identifiable.  

If you have boxes with fragile items such as kitchen dishes, glass, vases, etc. label it as fragile on the outside so everyone knows to handle it carefully.  

4. Check your Renters and Homeowners Insurance Policy 

Check to see if your renters or home insurance policy covers your belongings during the move. This is important to protect you from situations like damage and theft. Talk to your agent about your limits and off-premises coverage. 

5. Packing Hacks

  • Wrap jewelry in saran wrap to prevent tangles. 
  • When disconnecting electronics, take a photo to reference when you are setting it back up. 
  • Pack hanging clothes on hangers by placing a trash bag from the bottom up over the clothes to contain everything. 
  • Use clothing and bedding to wrap breakables to save on bubble wrap. 
  • Keep small Ziploc bags on hand for small parts such as nuts and bolts, and then tape the bag to the item so it doesn’t get lost.  

Moving is a great time to clean out clutter and unused items. Make a pile for donations to relieve yourself from moving unnecessary items. 

After you’re finished packing, always do a final walk through before moving out. It’s easy to leave things behind. Double check kitchen cabinets, bedroom closets, drawers and inside appliances before handing over the keys.   

6. Send Notification of Your New Address 

In addition to letting your friends and family know your new address, make a list of other important companies to notify.   

  • Postal Service  
  • Utility companies– Electric, gas, water, internet, cable, phone service  
  • Employer  
  • Credit cards 
  • Bank and other financial companies 
  • Insurance company  

Contact your local Rural Mutual agent today for more information on homeowners and renters insurance.