Engaging Kids Activities You Can Do At Home

As we go through these uncertain times with schools and daycares closed, families are in need of more fun activities to entertain kids throughout the day. These activities below are a great way to keep kids busy and engaged while reducing their screen time. While activities can help through this change, creating and sticking to a schedule is good way to keep things running smoothly while at home.  

Spread Positivity 

  • Sidewalk chalk
    • Write positive messages or draw a picture on your sidewalk or driveway where people can see it. 
  • Decorate your windows
    • Use window paint to draw pictures or write a positive message. Use paper to cut out hearts or make rainbows and tape them on your windows. 
  • Paint rocks
    • Paint rocks with a picture or a positive message. Go on a walk and leave your painted rocks for someone to find. 
  • Send a hug
    • Looking for a way to hug a grandparent or a friend? Mail a hug by tracing your head, arms and upper torso, don’t forget to decorate it before sending! 

Let’s get messy 

  • Squirt gun painting
    • Use an easel or tree to hang your paper. Fill your squirt gun or spray bottle with liquid watercolors and aim at your paper 
  • Splatter Paint 
    • Place paper outside and have kids flick paint on the paper with their hands or a paint brush. Have the hose ready for when they are done. 
  • Clean toys
    • Put water and tear-free soap into a bin with plastic toys. Use this as a sensory table for your kids to play while also cleaning the toys. 
  • Tie-Dye
    • Using a tie-dye kit to create colorful shirts, pillowcasesor socks 

Science experiments 

  • Mickey bubble art
    • Using dish soap, water, and food coloring see what will happen to your paper! 
  • Rock Candy
    • Using a few simple ingredients, watch the crystallization process happen while making your candy! 
  • Ice Cream
    • Looking for a fun activity and a tasty treat? Learn how to make ice cream at home! 
  • Sparkly Volcano
    • Watch this creation explode with glitter.  

Outside adventures 

  • Obstacle course
    • A fun way to get outside and exercise while using thinking and problem-solving skills 
  • Take a walk
    • Start your morning off with fresh air on a family walk. 
  • Scavenger hunt
    • Create a list of outdoor items for the kids to look for. Examples: Find a flying bug, something blue, a dog, a pine cone.  
  • Treasure hunt
    • Write down clues that will lead them to the treasure. 

Quiet time 

  • Read-at-home Bingo 
    • Make a 5×5 table and place reading tasks for them to complete. Examples: read with a sibling/parent/alone for 20 minutes, read with a flashlight, read outside, let a parent choose a book for you to read. Once they complete any vertical, horizontal or diagonal line they have BINGO! 
  • Create a scrapbook/Journal
    • Make a scrapbook/Journal of all the fun activities you have done while being at home.  
  • Yoga
    • These engaging yoga videos will help to get your kids up and moving. 
  • Educational Apps 
    • Use fun and educational apps to keep them learning while on tablets.  

Take a virtual field trip

Inside fun 

  • Make a fort
    • Have extra cardboard boxes? Use those to make a fun fort and let the kids color it. 
  • Slime
    • Making slime is great way to get kids into the kitchen.  
  • Movie Night
    • Have your child earn fake money throughout the day to spend at the “Movies”. Have some snacks that they can purchase and sit down in your living room before the movie starts.  
  • Board games
    • Pull out your favorite board game to play with your kids. You could even make your own! 

While we’re adjusting to life at home, hopefully these activities bring back some normalcy into your family’s and child’s life while bring smiles to your faces. Remember, sticking to a schedule even if it is a relaxed one will help both you and your child get through each day.  

Our communities and neighbors are also going through a hard time. Learn ways you can help your community, and struggling businesses like dairy farmers. And as always, we are WISCONSIN STRONG