If My Garage Burns Down and My Car is in the Garage, is My Car Covered Under My Home or Auto Insurance?

Your home insurance policy WILL NOT cover the damage to your car because it excludes coverage for your vehicles that are licensed for road use.  Your car would be covered under comprehensive coverage from your personal auto insurance coverage, which covers situations other than an accident such as vandalism, hail, fire and theft.

Your garage would be covered under property insurance from your personal home insurance, which covers many types of damage to your home from hazards like wind, fire, hail, theft and vandalism.

What sets us apart… If vehicles in your garage went down in this fire example and had comprehensive coverage, Rural Mutual would apply only the highest applicable deductible to the total amount of property damage (for both the property and the auto damage).

What do I do now?

In this situation, you would need to file an auto insurance claim for your car and a home insurance claim for your garage.

We understand that accidents happen. We also understand that accidents are inconvenient. You can count on us to work around the clock to help rebuild following an unintended loss.

You can report a claim online at RuralMutual.com/report-claim, over the phone at 1-800-255-2150 or contact your agent. Not a Rural Mutual client? Request a quote online or contact a local Wisconsin agent today!

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