Start the New Year with Custom Farm Coverage

New combine? Expanding the farm? Unhappy with the rate of your current insurer? These are just a few scenarios to reach out to Rural Mutual Insurance.

Rural Mutual is the number one farm insurer in Wisconsin. We offer a broad range of coverages that can be customized to protect your farm. A few of the farm coverages that makes us unique are:

In addition, we’re more than farm insurance. We also offer coverage for:

How to get custom farm insurance?

  1. Find an agent near you
  2. Request a quote or give the agent a call to set up a meeting on your property.
  3. Your agent will walk your farm with you to learn about your operation and what coverage is necessary.
  4. Your agent will present a proposal and discuss your coverage options together.

Your agent will provide guidance along the way on what you should consider insuring. Sentimental property, such as a heirloom tractor, can also be included.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your farm insurance premium affordable, talk with your agent about adjusting your deductible to lower the payment instead of dropping coverage. Insurance serves as protection for the unknowns. In the event of a disaster, you don’t want to find out you’re underinsured.

When to update your insurance?

The best time to get in touch with your agent is when there’s a change, such as new equipment, a new building, or a change in livestock. It’s also a good idea to schedule an annual review before your renewal date to go over coverage and confirm that nothing has changed.

More activity on the farm requires more contact with your agent. For example, larger farms with high turnarounds of equipment may want to stay in touch with their agent once a month to keep inventory lists updated. One of the benefits of our agents is they’re local and always a phone call or short drive away. Our knowledge is also specific to Wisconsin, which is the only market we serve.

Secure your custom coverage for the new year, today by contacting a local agent.